Our focus

The world is rapidly changing.  To the point that our past success does not guarantee our future.  Prosperity depends on our people and the businesses we support reaching their full potential.  For us, providing the opportunities for this to happen sits at the heart of supporting economic vitality. 

Here's what we're focused on:

Our performance

We are proud of our contributions to supporting economic vitality 


In 2017 we achieved

We celebrated the 16th year of the IAG Trade Scholarships by announcing 42 inductees and 27 graduates from the programme.


In 2018 we achieved

We were proud to achieve our target of 40% women in senior management positions and set ourselves a new target of 50%.

We inducted 42 people into the IAG Trades Scholarships programme and saw 24 graduate.

We were proud to be certified with the Rainbow Tick, showing that IAG is a safe, welcoming and inclusive place for people of diverse sexual orientation and gender identity.

We were highly commended at this year’s Diversity Works New Zealand Awards for our flexible working initiative, My Flex.

We’re also focused on

Meeting nature's challenge

We’re helping to reduce the impact of natural hazards and climate change.

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