Our focus

Nature is intrinsic to New Zealand’s national identity. It underpins much of our success, while also being the frequent cause of hardship.  Events like earthquakes and floods show just how powerful nature can be and the enduring impacts it can have on our lives.  Reducing these impacts is at the heart of meeting nature’s challenge.  Here’s what we’re focused on:


Our carbon footprint

Since 2004 we have measured our carbon footprint and had it independently assured.  In 2012 we became carbon neutral by offsetting all the emissions we can’t avoid, which we continue to do.

We are focused on reducing our emissions as much as possible and have set science-based targets for our Scope 1 (company vehicles) and Scope 2 (electricity) emissions based on FY17 emissions. 











In FY20 we achieved our first target of 20% through steady reduction of our company vehicle emissions and significantly cutting our electricity use. We have seen a significant reduction in our footprint in FY21 as a result of Covid-19 but ramain focused on reducing this further through property consolidation and electrification of our vehicle fleet.  Full details of our footprint can be found here.



Our climate change activity is underpinned by our Group Climate Action Plan and our sustainability memberships.  We were also one of the 12 founding members of the Climate Leaders Coalition in 2018 and have signed up to their higher ambition pledge in 2020. We are also active members of the Sustainable Business Council. We were a founding signatory to the UN Principles for Sustainable Insurance in 2012 and a signatory to the UN Principles for Responsible Investment.

Our performance

We are proud of our contributions to meet nature's challenge


In 2019 ...

We held a climate change adaptation event in conjuction with the Climate Leaders Coalition.

We conducted our second IAG-Ipsos climate change survey.


In 2018 ...

We were proud to have been part of the Government's Climate Change Adaptation Technical Working Group.

We were a founding member of the Climate Leaders Coalition.

We launched our science-based emissions reductions targets and three-year climate action plan.

We launched out IAG-Ipsos cliate change survey.


In 2017 ...

  • We reduced our carbon emissions by 17% to 4,617 tonnes.
  • We celebrated our fifth year of being carbon neutral, buying carbon offsets for all our emissions.
We’re also focused on

Helping communities thrive

We are helping our communities to be safer, stronger and more resilient.

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