Our focus

Our communities lay at the heart of our prosperity and wellbeing.  Yet many of them face shocks and stresses which threaten their potential.  And some are more able to live and grow with these challenges than others.  Supporting these communities is vital if we are to see them thrive in the face of their challenges.  

Here’s what we’re focused on:

Our performance

We are proud of our contributions to help communities thrive 


In 2018 we achieved

We awarded an AMI Community Grant to Cholmondeley Children’s Centre, which gives short-term respite care and education to children whose families are experiencing genuine stress or crisis.

We awarded an AMI Community Grant to No One Ever Stands Alone (NESA), which works to end drink and drugged driving in New Zealand.

We awarded an AMI Community Grant to Meet Little Sprouts, which provides life-changing boxes of baby, health and safety supplies for families in need.


In 2017 we achieved

We entered our partnership with the Red Cross and helped train over 5,000 children in first aid and delivered winter care packages to over 200 vulnerable households in Taranaki.

We awarded our AMI Community Grant to Foster Hope to help it in its work supporting children in foster care.

We’re also focused on

Supporting economic vitality

We’re helping people to make the most of their chosen careers or businesses.

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