Code of Ethics

We take ethical and responsible decision-making very seriously. We expect our employees and directors to do the same, as reflected in our internal policies around ethics and conduct.


As an organisation we fulfil our purpose in accordance with the highest standard of ethics and conduct by:

• empathising with the needs of others

• treating people fairly

• complying with all relevant laws and regulations

• being true to our word and standing behind our promises

• communicating openly and with candour

• understanding the needs and importance of our customers, people, shareholders, partners and community

• respecting privacy and confidentiality, and above all, by striving to ‘do the right thing’

Our Code of Ethics and Conduct makes clear the behaviour that we expect from everyone at IAG. It applies to all of our people and members of our Board in every part of our business. It also sets out how we expect our external partners to behave.

We take this Code extremely seriously and any breaches will be investigated in accordance with our policies, and appropriate consequences will be applied.

By adhering to this Code we can ensure we fulfil our purpose.