Our supplier code of conduct

We care about how our suppliers manage their operations and suppliers, and the impacts they have on our customers and communities.


Our Supplier Code of Conduct clarifies our expectations of our suppliers and partners to:

•  comply with all relevant laws and regulations

•  comply with IAG’s Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) requirements

•  provide a true and accurate account of their operations and supply chain when responding to request for information

•  promptly advise IAG of any non-compliance with the Code

•  have processes in place that allow for workers to report non-compliance with the Code

•  remedy any non-compliance with the Codes a matter of highest priority



Reportable Conduct

If our suppliers and people working along our supply chain become aware of IAG misconduct, such as improper behaviour, illegal activity or fraud, they can report it anonymously by calling:

•  New Zealand: +64 800 407 627

•  Email: IAGActionLine@deloitte.com.au