Auckland Pride Parade celebrated in virtual reality

MARCH 2018

Auckland’s fabulous 2018 Pride Parade has been immortalised in virtual reality.

The lights, colour and performances from this year’s parade have been captured in a timelapse VR video, filmed by a 360-degree camera mounted on top of the IAG New Zealand float.

IAG, whose brands include AMI, State and NZI, featured in the Pride Parade for the first time this year with more than 70 people proudly parading down Ponsonby Rd together. The IAG float featured a State Roadside Rescue truck, which the VR camera was mounted on.

“Celebrating the inclusion we show our people at work in this year’s Pride Parade was an important step for us,” says IAG’s Martin Hunter. “Walking alongside each other in unity sends a strong message about what we stand for as a company.”

“Our team marched behind an IAG – Together We’re Safer banner, and this really encompasses the IAG spirit.

“Our float was put together by IAG volunteers and was a huge success on the night. We, as a company, are committed to continuing to make IAG a great and inclusive place for all of our people to work. I look forward to next year’s Pride Parade.”

IAG New Zealand is currently completing the Rainbow Tick accreditation process.

The VR footage was filmed by Basement One, part of the G2 Ventures family.

“We are strong supporters of the Rainbow community, so we're stoked we were able to be there on the night to help celebrate and document the parade's beauty and atmosphere,” Basement One’s Head of VR, Bernadette Cave, says.

Head to IAG’s Facebook page to check out the VR footage of this year’s Auckland Pride Parade.


For IAG New Zealand, please contact:
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For Basement One, please contact:
Brad Woods, Chief Marketing Officer, 022 404 7064
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