Our Strategy

What are our key principles?

Our objective is to build on our financial strength and past successes. We will achieve this through four key principles.

  • Paying claims: Customers expect their claims will be paid. That's the point of insurance. Our focus is on providing help beyond the claim, differentiating ourselves through top-class service.
  • Understanding and pricing risk: We price our products before we know their cost. So it's important we are expert in assessing and pricing risk accurately and fairly.
  • Managing costs: Our operating costs are factored in the price of a premium, so we must be as efficient as possible. We are responsibly using our scale to keep our costs per policy, and therefore premiums, down.
  • Reducing risk: None of us wants to experience the hardship that leads to making a claim, so we use our knowledge to help reduce the likelihood of a claim occurring in the first place. We concentrate on reducing environmental risks, risks at home and on the road, crime, and workplace injury.

What do we want to be recognised for?

We want to be known as the insurer of choice in Australia and New Zealand, providing excellent customer service and insurance solutions at a competitive price. We believe we will grow faster and perform better if the way we do business is in line with what our communities and customers expect of us. As Australasia's largest general insurance group, it is our responsibility to protect and improve the communities in which we operate.

We will constantly look for ways to work closely with the community - helping people at all times, not just when they have to make a claim.

We also want to be recognised for having transparent business practices that are based on respect for employees, communities and the environment.

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