Next steps for IAG customers in the residential green zone

The Government today announced three new technical categories for flat land in the residential green zone.

These categories (TC1, TC2 and TC3) are based on ground conditions and may require different levels of land and foundation work to repair or rebuild your home.

In summary, properties in TC1 and TC2 can be built according to current guidelines, while properties zoned TC3 will require site-specific geotechnical investigations and new foundation designs.

To check your property’s zoning visit
Details about the categories can be found on

The new classifications will help us plan our repair and rebuild timetable:
• We need to work out the effect each classification will have on foundations and other repairs.
• We may need to wait until the Department of Building and Housing releases its new foundation guidelines before starting work on any TC3 properties.

Thank you for your continued patience. We will be in contact with our customers in the coming weeks to further explain the implications of this announcement.
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